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Building protection for your business with the Civil Contractors Federation (CCF)

For 40 years, Gallagher's specialist construction team has worked in conjunction with the Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) to develop our tailored civil contractors insurance policies. We have the tools, the talent and the experience to analyse construction risk, accurately detailing a solution that will cater for your specific needs.

The solution is Civilpack. This market-leading product has been designed to provide you with the widest amount of protection at a competitive price, and is the insurance product of choice for hundreds of CCF members all over Australia.

How we approach working with you

By analysing your risks, and providing a management framework for them, we are then able to identify your true insurance requirements and go to market for the best possible policy to meet your needs. Insurance is more than a set-and-forget annual payment. We’ll be with you along the way to advise you about changes that may affect your insurance cover.

Gallagher currently partners with key construction industry bodies, and we're proud of our local focus in all metropolitan centres and regional centres. With 34 insurance brokerages nationally you will find us just around the corner and, very often, operating in your own backyard.

If the unexpected does happen, we're there we you need us most. We have 89 years of insurance and risk management experience and we are well positioned to proactively assist you with the guidance, support and claims advocacy required to ensure that you quickly get back to business.

Beyond Civilpack, we can also look after all your other business insurance needs including:

Download our guide to Professional Indemnity Insurance in the construction industry

professional indemnity insuranceProfessional Indemnity (PI) insurance is essential for anyone who provides advice or consultancy services to clients. It can protect your business against legal costs and damage claims resulting from alleged malpractice or professional misconduct. However, many professionals working in the construction industry are unsure if this is an insurance they require.

Download our FREE guide to determine whether you need professional indemnity insurance. 

Find out more

If you need advice on the best insurance program for your business, contact our team of specialists today. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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The Ultimate Guide to Insurance for the Construction Industry

Construction insurance

Arranging the right insurance coverage for the diverse risks and requirements of the construction industry is a difficult task. It takes considerable skill, attention and knowledge.

That's why we have created a plain english guide to the 'must have' insurances to help you understand and manage your risks in 2018.

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