Builders Warranty Insurance

Risk management expertise needs to be built from the ground up. At Arthur J. Gallagher we are proud of our long association with the constuction industry. Our advice on Builders Warranty insurance is based on practical, proven knowledge of the requirements and regulations that face the building industry in Australia. 

In addition to advising you on your Builders Warranty insurance our experts can provide you with a competitively priced and comprehensive insurance program, including contract works cover, to ensure that everything you build, including your business, is protected.

Why you need an insurance broker for your Builders Warranty Insurance

If you’re a licensed builder you may need Builders Warranty Insurance for some, if not all, of your residential jobs. Builders Warranty protects your customer if they lose their deposit, you don’t finish the job or it’s defective, if you pass away, disappear or become bankrupt.

We are experts in this area. Our Australian Home Warranty solution was developed in 1996 and we have evolved and developed this product to cater for the varied building requirements in each Australian state, and the specific needs of the building industry.

We can assist you with all your domestic building warranty queries and also provide:

  • Specialised advice tailored to your business
  • All and any documentation at request.
  • Detailed knowledge of the insurable risks related to the building industry.
  • Applications advice, including visibility on the criteria required for a successful submission such as
    • Building and technical experience.
    • Financial capability.
    • Profitability.
    • Credit/claims history.
  • Insurable risk identification and insurance mitigation strategies.
  • Support in the event of a claim

We have been approved by HBCF and the VMIA as one of the few broking houses who can liaise with insurers directly.

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