Farm insurance

Agriculture represents a huge percentage of Australia’s production and exports, and the challenges for our country’s farmers extend beyond the gates of their property. 

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At Gallagher, we understand the risks you face are as broad as the industry itself. With a diverse range of farming disciplines including broad acre, dairy, viticulture, fruit growing, cotton, forestry, specialist crops or nursery growing, we will work with you to develop a farm insurance solution designed specifically for your needs. 

Our advice is based on practical, proven knowledge of the challenges facing the industry. We're partners with industry bodies like the Australian Fertiliser Services Association (AFSA) and Australian Meat Industry Council, and we can guide you through reviewing your risks, and identifying management and mitigation strategies. Then we'll get our hands dirty and find you the best farm insurance solution to protect your business. 

We aim to support your business and help you progress through tailored insurance solutions and reliable advice on how to plan for the unexpected. We know insurance isn't always front of mind for busy farmers, but getting the right cover is crucial for any business that wants to survive and thrive.

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