Clients come to Gallagher for sport insurance and risk management solutions and benefit from

30+ years of experience in sport

Over 30 years of experience in managing risk and providing sport insurance solutions.

Team of 15+ sport experts

A team of 15 expert brokers located throughout Australia. With backgrounds in running sporting associations, as athletes at national and international levels along with experience working in the sporting industry, our passion is unrivalled.

Drawing on sport colleagues around the world

Knowing the right questions to ask insurers to get the best deal for you from insurers in Australia and overseas.  We offer an exclusive package for personal accident and professional liability, and can draw on our specialist Gallagher colleagues around the world.

Arthur J. Gallagher skills in sport

Our skill in tailoring what is standard to meet specific needs means you benefit from our deep understanding across different codes.  Your interests and needs are well represented by us when we go to source the best solution for you.

In house specialist

Our in-house specialist sport insurance claims team to help manage the process efficiently, even for extreme or infrequent incidents.  You benefit from the years of experience we’ve had in dealing with virtually every type of claim.

Constant sport innovation

Constant innovation for your benefit. Just because it’s always been done a certain way, don’t expect us to follow the herd as we explore new insurance markets, analyse claims data and drive new digital service solutions for your members.

Insights from sport staff

Insights that help you to reduce risk and premiums through education, raising awareness and training based on real data trends for your players, coaches and staff.  Our insights can also inform your risk management policy development from mouthguards through to head gear and more.


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For Sportsnet clients:

Gallagher is now looking after Sportsnet clients. For any queries please contact 02 9424 1886. 



What are the top 5 risks for sporting clubs?

Over 30 years’ experience helping to manage the risks of all types of sporting organisations has shown us that there are 5 main risks that sporting clubs need to consider. If you run a sporting club, talk to us now about how we can help you.

1. Governance

Committee members of local amateur clubs may be exposed to the risk of financial loss, including losing their personal homes, if they are not incorporated companies and have personal liability.

2. Player protection

Different contact sports have different common injuries and players need specific cover. For example catastrophic spinal injuries are rare, however they occur and they have life changing implications for the person and families involved.

3. Player down time

In professional sport, we can advise on mitigating pro-sports injury and down time. It’s all about quick diagnosis, treatment and recovery. In addition, we help you consider solutions for career-ending injuries.

4 Health and Safety

Spectators can make a claim against committee members if your seating or benches are not safe to hold the numbers of viewers at your sporting event. Consider ambulance and access routes, sporting equipment and other issues as managing the safety of everyone involved in your sporting event is vital to minimise the risk of claims against committee members.

5 Volunteers

Volunteers are an essential lifeblood for all sport, it is vital that sport volunteers receive appropriate training and develop the skills and knowledge necessary to carry out their tasks safely and efficiently. More so than ever clubs need to manage risk and to protect, their members and volunteers from legal action.

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