Insurance Solutions

A huge part of what makes business both exhilarating and challenging is evolution, expansion and the unknown opportunities. When we view insurance in light of risk management, there exists a great opportunity to enjoy the positive changes and to also anticipate shifts that may disrupt planned proceedings, even if only temporarily.

Arthur J. Gallagher specialises in providing you with an effective insurance strategy. We help you identify and undertake contingencies for events that we wished wouldn’t occur but can. Drawing from an extensive domestic and international network of Arthur J. Gallagher insurance professionals, let our dedicated client services team talk to you about risk management solutions for your business.

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Asset risks protection

Key person insurance

Property insurance

Business succession

Liability risks protection

Public and product liability insurance

Contract works and liability

Management liability insurance

Reputation Risk

Cyber insurance

Multinational clients

Surety bonds

Directors' and officers' liability

People risks protection

Trade credit

Financial risks protection

Political risk insurance

Transaction insurance

Insolvency and Turnaround

Premium funding

Workers' compensation

Insurance due diligence

Professional indemnity insurance



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