Estate planning

Passing an estate on to family members, whether children or extended family, is what most Australians want to do when they pass away. Gallagher Life Solutions can assist you in the creation of an estate plan which will ensure that the transfer of wealth from you to your loved ones is managed in the most tax effective manner.

A Gallagher Life Solutions estate planning solution considers:

  • Who your beneficiaries are
  • Advice on how to best provide for your loved ones with the assets you have accumulated
  • What the optimum tax strategy for your circumstances is
  • Holistic risk identification and mitigation strategies

Gallagher Life Solutions can help you define and identify the right policy for your needs. Like all of our insurance solutions, we'll tailor the policy with you at the centre.

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Let our dedicated team provide a tailored estate planning option that’s suited for you. Speak to our expert team today.

Need more?

Gallagher Life Solutions provides a range of insurance solutions, investment options and contingency strategies for individuauls and businesses. Our risk management approach falls into three categories:

  • Personal insurance strategies - to protect what you have
  • A focus on your superannuation and investments - to manage what you have
  • Wealth accumulation and retirement strategies - to get you where you need to go

Let our dedicated team provide a personalised life insurance solution that’s tailored specifically for the needs of you, your business and your family. Call us on 1800 466 842 or contact our experts.

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